1. A technology foundry for companies solving real problems

    Incubate. Develop. Accelerate.

  2. Providing more than capital to create smart, secure, and agile companies

Who We Are

We are an interdisciplinary team of executives, engineers, and innovators of all types that have taken part in the startup and growth of many different businesses, in technology and other areas.

Over decades, we have repeatedly persisted through a wide range of businesses, taking lessons learned from the many failures that came along the way to our successes. Our team is characterized by people who created solutions to the problems we faced.

We have an endless supply of entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to build the companies that define the future of tech.

What We Do

Many companies fail at early stages, not because of a lack of capital, but common business problems, as well as lost time and money, spent on operational needs that distract from the problem the company was created to solve. We have meticulously gathered and built solutions to these problems for use in the companies we incubate, greatly reducing startup times and dependency on third parties for critical needs.

For the companies we serve, we bring a wealth of business expertise, as well as the infrastructure, frameworks, and tools required to operate efficiently and innovate quickly. Most importantly, we bring the freedom of staying focused on the problem a company is trying to solve for its customers, paired with the network of expertise to help.

From communications, asset tracking, data analysis, automation, and security to seed platforms and frameworks to build from, the companies we support have real solutions, scale, and longevity.

Who We Serve

We do not take on clients. We search for startups, innovative businesses, and ideas that can benefit from the unique commitment and offerings that being in our portfolio brings.